MNTC to Host Free Alive at 25 Young Driver Classes

Young drivers are involved in fatal crashes at more than twice the rate of all other drivers and the first year for a newly licensed teen driver is the most dangerous, with more than one in five drivers involved in crashes.

To combat some of these young driver facts, Moore Norman Technology Center is hosting free youth driver awareness classes called Alive at 25. The classes were developed by the National Safety Council and they target drivers ages 15-24. 


The classes are held 8 a.m. - noon at MNTC’s South Penn Campus located on the corner of SW 134th and south Penn Ave. The classes are taught by Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers and it is not necessary to hold a learner’s permit or a driver’s license to attend the classes.

All classes are on Saturdays at MNTC’s South Penn Campus.

Alive at 25 is a nationwide effort intended to create a collaboration of law enforcement agencies whose mission is to reduce automobile crashes involving young drivers and passengers. This early intervention program is intended to help prevent traffic violations, collisions and fatalities. The National Safety Council reports that drivers who complete the Alive at 25 class are 96 percent less likely to be killed in a car crash than youths who did not take the class.

Some of the behavioral issues it addresses are dangers of speeding, using cell phones and texting while driving, eating while driving, abusing alcohol or drugs while driving and more.

The four-hour course focuses on behaviors young drivers and passengers typically display behind the wheel. Students learn about the devastating consequences of practicing risky driving behaviors by watching interactive videos, sharing driving experiences, and role-playing various driving situations.

Participants also learn:

  • People in their age group are more likely to be hurt or killed in a vehicle crash.
  • Inexperience, distractions, and peer pressure cause unique driving hazards.
  • Speeding, alcohol, and “party drugs” greatly increase the risk of injury or death as drivers or passengers.
  • Young drivers can greatly reduce their risk by committing to changing their driving behaviors.
  • It makes personal, legal and financial sense to change risky driving behaviors.

Attendees receive a certificate of course completion at the end of the session. Possible reduction in driver insurance rates for course participants depends on individual insurance providers.

For more information or to enroll in the Alive at 25 classes call (405) 801-5000 or click here. 

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