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Moore Home Builders Association Awards $8,000 in Student Scholarships

This month the Moore Home Builders Association (MHBA) awarded eight $1,000 scholarships to students enrolled in Moore Norman Technology Center full-time construction trades programs. Scholarships went to four high school students and four adult students. The scholarships may be used to purchase tools or pay for tuition and books to continue their education and training.

Marvin and Shelia Haworth and the Moore Home Builders Association board presented the awards.

Scholarships went to:

Shelia Haworth with the Moore Home Builders Association said:

We're honored to help local students achieve their career goals. By investing in MNTC students’ futures, we can help ensure that qualified construction workers enter the local workforce. As current contractors and subcontractors in the Moore area reach retirement age, more qualified workers will be needed to fill their shoes. The opportunities are endless.

The MHBA promotes quality home building in the greater Moore area and provides support and educational opportunities to member builders and contractors. To learn more about the Moore HBA, visit

To find out about MNTC’s full-time or part-time career classes, visit here or call 405-801-5000.

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