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National Technical Honor Society inducts 353 MNTC Students.

Norman, OK

Moore Norman Technology Center inducted 353 students into the National Technical Honor Society Wednesday, April 10 at the Franklin Road Campus. All adult and high school career program students are listed in the NTHS Induction Program. The induction ceremony included a drive through celebration with fun activities and food trucks.

"It was incredible to recognize the largest group of MNTC students that qualified for NTHS in a fun atmosphere. We had the best MNTC faculty and staff cheering them on." stated Traci Hopper, CareerTech Student Organization Coordinator. 

Students were nominated by their instructor based on criteria such as academic excellence, attendance, character and work ethic.The National Technical Honor Society honors excellence in workforce education. The society is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in workforce education.

During the year, NTHS members attend NTHS State Leadership Conference to improve their leadership skills and how to change the way their minds perceive leadership. Members also attend NTHS Day at the Capitol where they have the opportunity to meet their legislators and observe them in action, tour and hear from a guest speaker. Members complete volunteer hours for different organizations as part of their involvement in NTHS.

In 1990, MNTC established a charter with the National Technical Honor Society to recognize outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. There are more than 60 CareerTech NTHS chapters in Oklahoma, plus 36 comprehensive high schools, job corps, and private technical schools that also have chapters.

Because many business and industry leaders recognize the rigorous criteria NTHS members must meet, being able to list NTHS membership on a resume is an advantage to these students when seeking employment. In addition to a certificate issued by its national office, NTHS members gain access to the NTHS website where they can apply for scholarships, request recommendation letters, and access the latest information about education and industry.


About Moore Norman Technology Center

Established in 1972, MNTC has gained a national reputation as a premier technology center. It is one of 29 technology center districts in Oklahoma's globally-recognized career and technology education system. MNTC has two campuses to serve the communities of Moore, Norman and south Oklahoma City. They are identified as the Franklin Road campus (Norman) and the South Penn campus (south Oklahoma City). MNTC offers affordable, quality technical training to career and college-bound high school and adult students, as well as customized training for businesses. MNTC has approximately 240 full-time employees, including administration, instructors/teachers, professional staff and support personnel.

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