Sonography Program Offers 3D/4D Scans on Fridays for $20

Moore Norman Technology Center’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is currently offering 3D and 4D scans for women during their third trimester of pregnancy. For $20, expectant mothers have an opportunity to receive a non-diagnostic ultrasound during their third trimester of pregnancy. It also gives current students an opportunity to perform scans under the supervision of a registered diagnostic medical sonographer. Scans performed by MNTC students should not take the place of medical ultrasounds as ordered by the patient's OB physician. They are supplemental and non-diagnostic.

  • Scans are available on most Fridays. To schedule an appointment, or for information, call 405-801-5433.
  • Required: A previous ultrasound report (not pictures) from 16 weeks or further reporting no abnormalities.


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