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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Carpentry

  1. Graduate Career Ready, Debt Free!

  2. Earn an OSHA10 Card & a General Construction Induction Card

  3. Build a custom house that is sold at auction

  4. Have a digital resume & portfolio of your work by graduation 

Carpentry Program Fills National Skills Gap

There is a growing gap in the U.S. between the industry demand for trained carpentry and construction workers and the number of qualified and available workers. Moore Norman Technology Center, along with all technology centers in Oklahoma’s CareerTech System, work every school day to lessen that gap and get qualified women and men to work in the construction industry.

Last year Forbes reported:

The construction labor shortage is expected to amplify in the coming years, resulting in even more, better opportunities for young people interested in the trades. 

With the outlook of millions of Baby Boomers retiring every year, most states are starting to feel the reality of this national skills gap.


MNTC’s Carpentry program has historically had an issue of not being able to fill positions in the construction industry fast enough. Because the technical requirements for many jobs in the construction trades, those who’ve taken or completed training at a technical school or technical college have the greatest chances for success and growth in the industry.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists those working in the carpentry industry to have a much faster than average job outlook through 2022 and the industry is expected to grow 24 percent in the U.S. The median pay listed for carpenters in 2017 was $45,170 annually.

MNTC’s Carpentry program has immediate openings for adult students in the morning, afternoon, or all-day options. Graduates get hired on almost immediately, or prior to graduation, with good prospects for upward movement within the industry.

Students in the Carpentry class not only have the experience of construction a complete home that is put up for sale, but they will have also earned General Construction Induction Card - formerly called a Blue Card – and an OSHA 10 Card prior to graduation; something most construction groups see as an immediate asset when hiring an employee. Graduates of MNTC’s Carpentry class will also have earned enough hours to be considered an apprentice.

For more information about MNTC visit the Carpentry webpage or call (405) 801-5000.

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