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Truck Drivers Keep Our Economy Moving

Did you know that our nation's economy depends on truck drivers? 71% of U.S. freight is moved by semi-trucks. Each semi-truck is filled with goods ranging from electronics to produce. Take a minute to look around you, and realize that every object you see was delivered by a truck driver on a semi-truck. 

Supply chains have become a common conversation piece over the past year. It is not uncommon to see empty shelves when shopping. If anything, the COVID pandemic made everyone aware of how critical trucker drivers are to not only our lifestyles but keeping the economy going. 

Warehouses with merchandise are looking to get their goods on the shelves. The best way to relieve the warehouses of their goods is to physically move them out on semi-trucks to retailers. Oklahoma has more than 10,000 trucking companies, and they are all looking to hire more certified truck drivers to help move the freight in and out of the state. Now is the perfect time to make the move into the commercial transportation industry. 

Moore Norman Technology Center (MNTC) is an Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) provider. MNTC partnered with Central Technology Center for all Class A Truck Driver Training classes. These classes will prepare students to join the trucking industry after 28 days of training, including 5 days of permit prep training. Upon successful completion of the CDL school/exams and having met all requirements, the students will earn Class A CDL and Truck Driver Training Certificate upon completion of all standards. 

If you are interested in steering your career in a new direction or have questions about other Commercial Transportation classes offered (school bus, Class B single unit vehicle, and motorcycle), visit or call (405) 801-5000.


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