What's My Hire Score?

What does my hire score mean?

Max Points: 30
You have hiring potential! You are well on your way to getting your dream job. Keep doing what you are doing.

Points: 15-29
Almost there! Keep working and improving yourself: get involved, gain relevant experience, build up job search knowledge and tools and practice interviewing. You will be job ready in not time?

Points: Below 15
Keep going! Focus on the job you want, both now and into the future. Take advantage of campus resources to help your pursue your dream career. Be proactive throughout your education to be career ready.

Does your HIRE score need to be improved?
Look at the areas where you have fewer points, then check out the list of MNTC resources. Make a plan with steps you need to improve your HIRE score and your chances of being HIRED!

Do you need help increasing your GPA?
Student Success Center
Did you know MNTC has 8 Student Organizations?
Have your considered running for an office in a student organization?

Student Organizations
No work history? No worries, checkout MNTC’s work-based learning opportunities.
Work-Based Learning
Are you interested in talking with someone that does what you think you would like to do? You can.
An Informational Interview is a great way to visit with a professional to learn about careers, industries
and work places of interest.
Informational Interview
Is your social media sharing the right image with employers? If not, participate in the Steps to Success
Workshop: Everything Social Media
Steps to Success Workshop Series
Need help with your career planning or job search?
 contact page 
Did you know that most jobs require not only an application but also a resume? Is your resume ready
to share with employers? If not, use MNTC’s very own resume builder.
resume builder
Have you ever been in an interview and it did not go as well as you had hoped? Me too. That is why
MNTC offers many opportunities for you to learn how to interview and to gain experience in