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Disability Services

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Our Commitment

Provide academic support to MNTC students with special needs is managed through Instructional Support. We are committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunities, striving for full participation from all students, and providing assistance that facilitates student independence and academic progress.

After Completion of Admission

Students should contact Instructional Support to request services. Students must provide the most current documentation regarding their disabilities. Proper documentation must be received by the MNTC Instructional Support office prior to receiving services. Reasonable accommodations are based on the individual needs of the student. In the case of a medical disability, students should submit the most current documentation from a qualified expert stating the nature and severity of the disability, the diagnostic procedures used, and recommendations for assistance.

Students with learning disabilities or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder must submit documentation from one of two sources:

  • Students diagnosed prior to graduation from an accredited high school may submit the psycho-educational evaluation on file at the respective high school. The evaluation must be current and based on adult norms.
  • Students diagnosed after the completion of high school must submit current documentation from an appropriate medical professional.


The Instructional Support office will determine the reasonable accommodations to be made by MNTC based on the individual needs of the student. Services are designed in a manner intended to remove barriers which hinder learning and which allow maximum independence. Accommodations are not intended to give the student an unfair advantage over other students. Each student is authorized to act as his or her own advocate, and has the major responsibility for securing assistance. Early and regular contact with Instructional Support ensures the timely identification and provision of services and accommodations. A student’s disability will determine what accommodations and services may be provided. Some of the services offered by MNTC Instructional Support include, but are not limited to:

  • Instructor Notification: The office provides copies of accommodation sheets and consults with instructors to aid students in securing the appropriate services.
  • Classroom Accommodations: Accommodations may include, but are not limited to: special seating arrangements, adjustable tables, chairs and desks, and qualified interpreters.
  • Specialized Testing: Auxiliary aids such as readers, scribes, assistive technology, or qualified interpreters are provided when allowed by industry and arranged with MNTC’s Assessment Office and Instructional Support.

Suzanne Graham

Disability Specialist

Amy Watkins

Disability Coordinator