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Testimonials from students, business clients, citizens, and employees.

Moore Norman Tech - Workforce Development

Adult and high school graduates of MNTC are workforce ready!

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Gulf States Toyota and Fowler Toyota donated a new Toyota Corolla to MNTC's Automotive Service Technology program in September 2019. See Story

Testimonials from Career Program Students










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I was sad that the class had to end because it was such a great experience.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

The flow of the workshop was great. It was paced well and didn’t overwhelm, or cram too much into a day. The openness and comraderie of the group was freeing for me. I don’t usually open up in group settings, but felt safe to do so here.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I felt seen, heard, and valued in this space. I learned so much and will be leaving excited to continue my journey of self-exploration.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

Great class!!! I look forward to having a follow up group that I can touch base with monthly or quarterly next year. Like a continuation of the workshop or a study club for leaders if you will.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I think what was most beneficial about this session is the size of our group. There were enough of us so that we felt comfortable putting ourselves in a vulnerable space and trusted the others in the group not to be judgemental. All voices were able to be heard, if participants chose to speak up, and we were also given the space we needed to process.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I liked how everyone got involved. How the workshop provided the very structure needed to create a trusting group of people. And thereby we, using the tools provided could do the same thing. Linda was great!!

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

Everything. Linda Clark has incredible skills and ability to lead a group through difficult topics to excellent outcomes. The depth and breadth of her experience shines through as she creates a safe environment where vulnerability is not only ok, but celebrated. I learned more in this class than I can apply than any other class in memory. 

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I went in to this training thinking that to be a leader, I had to look a certain way and say certain words and Linda was able to teach us through Dare to Lead™ that I can be my authentic self and still be a leader through vulnerability!

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I was able to join in with a team that was rocking this training. Linda immediately made us all feel welcome and helped eliminate primary tension that rose at the beginning. I also feel more confident in myself and who I am because everyone on the team reflected the best selves they brought. I want to do it again.

Dare to Lead™ workshop participant

I think what was most beneficial about this session is the size of our group. There were enough of us so that we felt comfortable putting ourselves in a vulnerable space and trusted the others in the group not to be judgemental. All voices were able to be heard, if participants chose to speak up, and we were also given the space we needed to process.

Dare to Lead™workshop participant

My experience at Moore Norman Tech was great. Right from the start, the staff were kind and accommodating. They helped me enroll in the EMT-Basic program just days before class started and select an affordable payment plan. The EMT-Basic course itself was awesome! Shawn Morton kept the class engaged and applied the subjects we studied to the real world, sharing his own experiences as a paramedic at the OKC Fire Department. Moore Norman Tech provides top of the line equipment for us to practice with, including a state of the art ambulance simulator! The course prepared me to complete all the necessary testing to become a registered EMT - I passed the NREMT on the first attempt. I am beyond thankful for everyone at Moore Norman Tech! - Gavin Abdinor

I love Moore Norman and everything they do! I’m a current CADD student (computer aided drafting and design) and I’ll be graduating in May. These two years have been the best and I’m always telling people to take advantage of Moore Norman. They have a program for everyone.

Jadrea Dale, MNTC Student

MNTC offers more evening IT certification courses than anyone in the state! Check it out and compare for yourself! #CompTIA #Linux #PowerShell #Certification #Python

Rick Spaulding, MNTC Employee


I highly recommend MNTC as both a student and as a parent! Great programs, fantastic staff, excellent instructors. What more could you ask for?

Tami Hanna Doiron, Parent

MNTC provided a quick solution for our need to provide leadership training for those in remote locations. MNTC worked closely with us to design and implement the training across our organization. They understand the importance of delivering a high-quality product.

Bill Timmie, HR Director
ACG Materials

MNTC has been invaluable helping Indigenous Technologies organize and implement the ISO standards. Their assistance has helped our organization streamline processes, and raise our company standards to better serve our customers.
Paula Brown, COO

The business training offered through MNTC is incredibly valuable to the growth and success of our employees. Any organization, large or small, would benefit greatly from the guidance and training provided by professionals at MNTC.

Steve Adamo, Vice President, Director of Training and Quality Services
First Fidelity Bank

Bio-Cide is pleased with the quality, varity and affordability of the training options provided by MNTC. They’ve worked with us to split training times and dates that allow us to continue production, as well as offering to train both and-and off site.

Catie Barton, HR Director
Bio-Cide International

The professionalism and thoroughness of the MNTC staff is incredible. Truly, the vast resources MNTC offers business in this area is something that anyone wanting to improve their business should explore. It’s definitely worth your time.

Brad Little, Owner
Hey Day Entertainment

MNTC created a customer Excel course for my specific needs. They tailored it for specific business. Priceless.

The Wine Gallery

It is great that MNTC is able to relate to all types of small businesses, and in this particular visit, a machine shop, and bring practical experience.

Jim Lawson, Manufacturing Extension Agent
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

Thanks to MNTC and the great partnership we share in providing the high caliber and quality training to the employees of OGE. The business landscape of today is growing more dynamic each day, and MNTC’s staff and team of instructors continue to work well with me.

Ed Bugby, Sr., Safety Training Coordinator
OGE Corp.

One aspect of our business is repair and service. Along with the training we received for our accounting system, we have also been pleased with the instruction received from the machine shop and the electronics/soldering classes. MNTC is a tremendous resource.

Doug Baugher
Health Engineering Systems

Our company obtained its ISO certification in June of 2015. We appreciate the effort and assistance that MNTC gave us. The guidance provided to ASC, Inc. made our registration audit a much easier exercise, and hopefully prepared us for being successful in achieving ISO in the future.

Byron Perry
Advanced Steele & Crane, Inc.

MNTC is an excellent resource center for your training needs. From Asbestos to Safety Plan development for Chesapeake Energy Arena and Cox Convention Center, the service is very professional and informative.
Chesapeake Energy Arena / Cox Convention Center

Our MNTC training was not a static course that other learning centers might offer, but was set up to be specific to our needs. The courses were engaging and really set a positive mindset for the over 100 employees who attended. MNTC provided opportunities for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced technical training, and we took the opportunity to leverage all three levels. The first call we make for employee training is to MNTC.

Gabe Savely
Star Building Systems

Growing up I was always told that college was the ONLY option to be successful. I was told wrong. The careers of tomorrow are not in Philosophy, Literature, or Political Science. Nursing, Sonography, Computer Programming, Cyber Defense, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, and CNC Machining are the careers that will continue to grow.

I wish I had gone to Moore Norman because they fully support their students, which is why over 95% of their students either work in their field or continue onto college for career-specific degrees.

Jared Williams

Moore Norman is a great place! The teachers and staff are nice and very informative. I also love the concept of the Technology Center. I wish I had this option when I was in high school!

Brandon Fox

I recently attended Connect Now at Moore Norman Technology Center. I was able to bring my son to this event. It was an amazing opportunity for him to learn about options available to him for the future. It was headed up by Barbara Rice, Disabilities Coordinator. Kudos to her and all the vendors for providing this awesome event to the community.

Shirlene Gathright, Mother

Excellent school with knowledgeable and helpful instructors.

Tammy T.