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The application process is required for all career programs (1,050 class hours or more). Many of our career programs are available to both high school and adult students. Check all career programs before you apply. Some career programs require a different application process and different application period. 

For questions related to your application, call 405-801-5000 or email  


Read about our application process.

Do not follow this process if you are trying to enroll in a short-term class (600 class hours or less). Instead, click here.

How to apply for a career program.

Most career program applications will reopen on November 1, 2024 for the 2025-2026 school year. Some adult only Acceptance Program applications for 2025-2026 will open in January 2025. For questions related to your application, call 405-801-5000 or email  

Follow these steps to get started in our online student application portal.

Get ready for your interview

  1. Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted for your interview with a Career Advisor or Tech Rep.
  2. It is important to follow these steps to complete your career interest survey. The career interest inventory is needed for your interview. Read these instructions to take your Career Interest Inventory.
  3. Watch this video for tips to prepare for your interview with your MNTC Tech Rep.  Interview Tip Video
  4. Show up for your interview!

We proudly work to assist visitors in obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations, and in supporting equal access to our website, services, programs, and activities. Visit our Visitor Accessibility page for more information.


Get started here

All career programs start with an application process.




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