Financial Aid & Scholarships

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Education is more important than ever, and financial resources are available to help you succeed. Financial aid is available to adult students attending career programs that are more than 600 hours of instruction. Moore Norman Technology Center does not participate in any Student Loan program.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) in print, or online at
  • Identify MNTC as your school code choice on the FAFSA application
  • MNTC Federal Code Is 012272
  • Send off your application using one of the following:


Federal Pell Grant (PELL)

  • Federally funded program which provides aid to adult students who seek a diploma or certificate in an eligible career major at our institution.
  • Pell Grants are restricted to students who have not earned a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Eligibility is based on meeting certain criteria.
  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

More information:

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

  • MNTC is provided limited funds to use toward students with the greatest need.
  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)

  • May cover up to 50 percent of tuition costs depending on eligibility.
  • Administered by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.
  • Grant does not have to be repaid.

Oklahoma Promise


MNTC Tuition Waiver

You've finished high school, NOW WHAT? Picture of boy sitting alone at graduation.

What is the MNTC Tuition Waiver?

  • Waives the tuition costs for one (1) Career Program (does not cover resource fee ,supplies, other fees)

Eligibility Requirements​

  • High school graduates or equivalent recipients
  • Residents of the MNTC school district
  • Acceptance into a MNTC Career Program
  • Student begins class prior to their 21st birthday
  • Students attending MNTC while in high school must have had at least a “B” as their final semester grade while attending MNTC and stayed within MNTC's attendance policy.

How Do I Maintain Eligibility?

  • Must maintain a letter grade of at least a “B” in the Career Program
  • Must stay within attendance policy
  • Cannot change Career Program after refund period
  • Once a student stops attending MNTC as an adult, they are no longer eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is not available to students who have already attended MNTC as an adult.

How Do You Get Started?

Complete an application for enrollment

This tuition waiver is not available to students who have already attended MNTC as an adult.
Awards Available: Varies

Tuition Waiver Board Policy

MNTC Foundation Scholarships

Long-Term Career Program Scholarships

The purpose of the Moore Norman Technology Center Foundation, Inc. is to provide funds needed by students pursuing career and technical training programs at MNTC.

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Short-Term Class Scholarships for Health Occupations

  • HO-083 - Long Term Care Nurse Aide Flex - 104 Hours
  • HO-082 - Home Health / Long Term Care Aide Flex - 120 Hours

The purpose of the Moore Norman Technology Center Foundation, Inc. is to provide funds needed by students pursuing career and technical training programs at MNTC.

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Learn More about MNTC Foundation

Otha Grimes Memorial and Francis Tuttle Memorial Scholarship

  • Students Applicable: Adult Tech Center Students that are deemed eligible by Technology Center Financial Aid Administrator
  • Awards Available: $100-$500 Educational Reimbursement through Tech Center Bursar Office
  • Application Period: 11/1/2019 through 1/17/2020
  • Location to Send Application: MNTC Financial Aid Office, Information and Enrollment, Franklin Road Campus (entrance B)

Learn more about the Otha Grimes Memorial and Francis Tuttle Memorial Scholarship

Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation

MNTC Automotive Service Technology Scholarships

  • Applicants should be currently enrolled, and continuing in any AST course major(s). Applicants are judged on multiple factors.
  • Application Period: 11/1/2019 through 2/1/2019

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Other Aid


Military Veterans’ Assistance

  • Veterans or qualified family members may use their VA Educational Benefits at MNTC while attending one of our VA approved courses. A list of all VA Approved courses are listed below. 
    • Approved Programs for VA Educational benefits 2018-2019:
      • Long Term Career Programs: 
        • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
        • Practical Nursing (Daytime & Evening)
        • Cosmetology
        • Esthetician
        • Master Instructor
        • Surgical Technology
  • Veterans who served in the Armed Forces on or after September 16, 1940, are eligible for vocational rehabilitation if the veteran became disabled during active duty
  • A disabled veteran will be given an evaluation to establish eligibility and entitlement and to determine whether the veteran needs extended evaluation, independent living services, educational or vocational training, employment services, or a combination of benefits
  • Information for all other veteran's educational and training benefits can be obtained from the VA office in Muskogee, or MNTC's Financial Aid office

Veteran's Administration-Vocational Rehabilitation
215 Dean A McGee, Rm. 218
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Kimberly Herlihy



Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
Assistance provided to qualifying individuals on tribal rolls. Each tribe handles assistance through their tribal area offices. To find out the location of your tribe, contact Carolyn Edwards-Johnson. Grants may be available for tuition, supplies, and living expenses.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
4149 Highline Blvd, Ste. 380
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Carolyn Edwards-Johnson

State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

This is a program that is available to assist individuals with physical or mental disabilities. Services include testing, psychological evaluation, medical examination, and counseling services. In some cases Vocational Rehabilitation pays tuition, fees, books, and supply costs.

State of Oklahoma Department of
Vocational Rehabilitation
2227 West Lindsey, Ste. 1200
Norman, OK 73069

Main Office

Central Oklahoma WIB

This agency provides a one-stop delivery system for a variety of services from employment information, to financial aid for training, and education programs.

Cleveland County WIB Inc.
PO Box 5345
Norman, OK 73069

Looking for short-term class financial assistance? (600 class hours or less) 

Financial aid is only available to adult students attending career programs that are more than 600 hours of instruction. However, we do offer a variety of discounts for short-term classes.

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Financial Aid Office

Audra Main

Financial Aid Coordinator
School: 5046

Shirlene Wilmoth

Financial Aid Assistant
School: 5045