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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Education is more important than ever, and financial resources are available to help you succeed. Financial aid is available to adult students attending career programs that are more than 600 hours of instruction. Moore Norman Technology Center does not participate in any Student Loan program.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) in print, or online at
  • Identify MNTC as your school code choice on the FAFSA application
  • MNTC Federal Code Is 012272
  • Send off your application using one of the following:


Absences  * Financial Aid students may have different guidelines, please see page 25 of Student Handbook for Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Federal Financial Aid.

For successful program completion, a student’s absences may not exceed 10 days per semester. Students starting after the first day of classes may have less than the ten days of allowed absences. A day is defined as the class period a student is enrolled each day. § A student who exceeds ten (10) days per semester and is passing their program will receive a “no grade” (NG). The student will be withdrawn from school. Students who violate the attendance policy will not be allowed to enroll for the following regular semester, including summer school, if the violation occurs during the spring semester.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Federal Financial Aid – Once the applicant begins attending an approved program and eligibility has been established, to continue to receive federal financial aid, the financial aid office is required by federal regulations to make certain that students are making satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

You are required to complete all hours in the pay period, maintain a “C” average and have 90% attendance per pay period. SAP will be checked by the financial aid office at the end of each pay period. You are required to complete all hours in your payment period to be eligible for your disbursements. If you have not completed the coursework your disbursement will be delayed and/or canceled. 

The Moore Norman Technology District attendance policy states that “all” students may not miss more than ten (10) days per semester.  Financial aid attendance policy is 90% per pay period. Students not maintaining 90% per pay period will lose financial aid eligibility.



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