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  • Followers are the pillars upon which leaders depend

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 12, 2017.

    If you have ever taken a leadership class at Moore Norman Technology Center, you are sure to walk away with valuable knowledge about leaders. Instructors help students identify characteristics of... read more

  • 7 Great Resources for Business Research

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 12, 2017.

    Looking for places to dig up great industry and business data? Here are seven resources the advisors at Moore Norman’s Business Development Center recommend. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides... read more

  • Exemplary Leader Exercise

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 11, 2017.

    Print this page.      Think of someone you consider to be an exemplary leader. Perhaps a mentor that was instrumental in your development or someone that deeply inspired you. As you bring the image... read more

  • How does chamber membership build my business?

    Submitted by Henry Dumas on Oct 9, 2017.

    Local chambers of commerce are businesses joined together to improve their value, visibility, and credibility; share news, ideas, and best practices; and become better connected with the markets they... read more

  • Top resources for small business owners in Norman and Oklahoma City

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 9, 2017.

    Dear new business owner, you don’t have to go it alone! Here are some great resources: SCORE is a true life line for businesses of all types. They will match you with a seasoned business advisor in... read more

  • Closing the doors to your business

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 6, 2017.

    If owning your own business is the most difficult thing you have ever done, then perhaps the second most will be to identify when it is time to close the doors. Some entrepreneurs take the failure of... read more

  • The fears of entrepreneurship

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 6, 2017.

    Perhaps the comfort of a steady paycheck, health insurance, and paid time off is no longer bringing you fulfillment.  The world of entrepreneurship is a frightening proposition and yet, the fire to... read more

  • Entrepreneurs beware

    Submitted by Gina Bertoletti, M.A. on Oct 1, 2017.

    Beginning a new business is a high risk proposition. After 13 years of working in a business incubator, I’ve identified some business practices that increase the level of risk. Business partners. If... read more

  • Managing Millennials– Why It Matters, Why It Is Difficult & How to Get Better

    Submitted by Henry Dumas on Sep 15, 2017.

    Why it Matters Millennials (born 1983-2001) comprise about 50% of the current workforce. Some projections place this number at 70% or more in the year 2025. Compared to Gen-X-ers, Baby Boomers and... read more

  • As a small business owner, how can I achieve better Work/Life balance?

    Submitted by Henry Dumas on Aug 1, 2017.

    Better work/life balance is within every person’s reach through the examination and ranking of priorities. The simple exercises below will enable you to identify the important aspects of your life... read more