Two MNTC Incubator Clients Honored as 2017 Innovator of the Year Nominees

Sept. 20, 2017 -- Two clients of Moore Norman Technology Center’s Business Development Center were honored on last month as The Journal Record held its annual Innovator of the Year awards ceremony at the Embassy Suites Downtown Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

Sean Akadiri, President & CEO of Agric-Bioformatics, was recognized for the development of his AgBoost software which allows livestock producers to acquire and aggregate big data to guide production decisions. AgBoost allows them to analyze their herd data and provides information that livestock producers can use to selectively breed their animals and make informed decisions concerning their operations. Unlike AgBoost competitors, the technology integrates and analyzes different types of data like genomics, performance, market, nutrition and health all on the same platform, making the data more interactive and visually available to the end user in real time.

AgBoost is also designed to connect all supply chains involved in an operation to share the data so producers and consumers can track the quality of the product from farm to fork. To learn more about AgBoost visit

Also honored were Vance Fried and Rob Reynolds of EdBooks, LLC for their next-generation publishing company committed to providing affordable access to education for students worldwide. At the heart of EdBooks’ innovation is its Stackable Lessons content design. All EdBooks products are built using independent learning blocks called lesson pages which are developed as stackable, self-contained, reusable objects that can be combined with other lessons, regardless of subject and order, without losing learning efficacy. Learn more about EdBooks at

According to The Journal Record, the Innovator of the Year event celebrates business innovation by honoring Oklahomans who set themselves apart with products and services that change the market and create a better place to live and work. The 2017 Innovator of the Year Awards recognized companies that exemplify an innovative spirit in their industry and throughout our state.

To learn more about starting a business with MNTC’s Business Development Center, visit or call 405-809-3517.