MNTC E-Commerce Series

E-Commerce Series

All the power of Oklahoma small businesses partnered with MNTC's E-Commerce Series!

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it's not always easy to connect with consumers online.

MNTC's E-Commerce Series will help you take your business through the steps needed to become fully operational in an online, service-based format. No matter where you are with your online presence, we can help you determine which is the right course to take to begin to move your business forward to start boosting your online viewers, shoppers and sales! If you're unsure which course is the right place to start, make sure to connect with us!

Individual Course Breakdown

Select the point where you are and let’s move your business forward!

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If you're starting up the digital arm of a small business, or just looking for insight on digital marketing from square one, this class is for you. Focusing on your business, you'll explore marketing techniques to find where online your audience is, what they are searching for, and how to reach them. Dig into social media, SEO, and other online business concepts.

Cost: $99

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Gina Bertoletti

Gina Bertoletti

Business Development Coordinator, Speciality: Organizational Development | Small Business Management

Are you a business owner? Help your employees learn and gain experience in e-commerce and digital marketing.

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