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Small Classes, Comfortable Learning

MNTC offers a relaxed and fun learning environment that can help you become more confident and skillful both at work, and in hobbies at home. Small class sizes mean more one-on-one time with instructors, and it happens in a comfortable learning environment.

Classes That Cost Less

Since MNTC is taxpayer funded, we focus on students more than generating a profit. This means more people in our community have a chance to enhance their skills at an affordable price. In fact, many students are inspired to complete several classes each year which can lead to a fun hobby, side gig, or a new career.

The Skills You Want & That Employers Need

Moore Norman Technology Center has some of the most affordable and recognizable certification and hobby classes in Moore, Norman, and south Oklahoma City. Get certified and be ready for today's and tomorrow's workforce challenges.

Large Selection of Courses

MNTC offers over 300 beginner, intermediate, and expert-level classes for students in Moore, Norman, and south Oklahoma City. Our classes are in-demand and prepare students for some of the hottest jobs in the market.

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