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Woodturning - Advanced Hollow Forms

To request a Military, Educator or Life Long Learner (60+) discount please contact a Customer Service Representative to process your enrollment.
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ti3736 class hrs

Turning a hollow form involves the process of removing wood from the inside of a vessel through a small hole. Urns and Southwestern-style pots are common examples of hollow forms. In this class, students will learn the skills necessary to safely hollow out a vessel. Turning the outside of a hollow form involves spindle turning and face grain turning tools. Turning blanks (wood) and tools are provided.
Students are welcome to bring their own tools.
Projects are at the discretion of the lead instructor. The goal is for students to take home a completed project, but time constraints or student skills may result in a nearly completed project.


ti 352 Introduction to Woodturning recommended prerequisite but not required