CareerTech Student Organizations (CTSO)

CareerTech Student Organizations: Helping Prepare Students for Success!

MNTC offers its students opportunities to participate in CareerTech Student Organizations (CTSO) which correlate to their industry area and enhance their field of study.

The goals of every CTSO are to develop leadership skills, to provide occasions for the students to compete at state and national competitions, to participate in community service projects, to develop employability skills, and to build a sense of teamwork and individual accomplishment.   There are six CareerTech Student Organizations at MNTC:

Each CTSO is connected to its larger national student organization, and all are recognized by employers as a benefit in training students for the workforce. The CTSOs help students achieve goals and become productive and responsible citizens.

MNTC pays the CTSO membership fees and also supports the students attending competitions.

Encourage your student to get involved. All MNTC students will be members of their CTSO this year; however, it is their choice to be actively involved. The additional activities of CTSO membership (serving as an officer, competing in contests, helping with a community service project, etc.) on their resume may mean the difference in getting a job in a highly competitive job market. Student Organizations truly help students prepare for success in the workplace!