Counselors' Corner

Moore Norman Technology Center takes measures to ensure every student has opportunities to excel in their coursework; while providing students with the support from the counseling and instructional teams. MNTC has on-site counselors assigned to each program, who are available to help students develop plans related to academic and/or personal needs.

What Is a School Counselor?

School counselors are state certified professionals who hold a master’s degree in counseling. They continue their professional development by attending workshops and conferences on an ongoing basis, and their role is to help students fully develop their academic, career, personal, and social abilities. 

School counselors are educators who deliver a comprehensive guidance program in the school as recommended by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Counselors also adhere to strict ethical and legal standards in the performance of these duties. School guidance counselor functions:

  • Coordinates the development of a comprehensive guidance plan based on campus needs 
  • Counsels with students individually and/or in groups 
  • Assists students in crisis situations 
  • Helps identify individual student needs 
  • Refers students and/or parents to services and agencies outside the school 
  • Conducts conferences with parents 
  • Links students with school and community resources 
  • Advises students on individual, school, college, and career plans 
  • Coordinates with colleges and universities to provide information to students 

MNTC Guidance Program Mission

MNTC’s Guidance Program mission is to serve a diverse population both in age, education, and work experience by partnering with Moore Norman faculty and community stakeholders. The mission is to graduate students with the understanding and insight necessary to achieve their personal, education, career, and social potential throughout their lifetime. 

The guidance professionals at MNTC facilitate personal/social development, career development, and academic development in connection with each student’s career education, and is based on the national standards adopted by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). 

How Can Students Engage an MNTC Counselor?

  • Self-referral 
  • Request a counselor through an instructor 
  • Parent referral 
  • Administrative referral 
  • Teacher or other staff referral 
  • Referral by friend(s) 

MNTC also has an on-site Guidance Team. This group of professionals consists of several departments with qualified staff who are available to assist students with a wide range of needs on campus. 

Jana Cline

Jana Cline

Counselor, Health Careers
Yumi Davis

Yumi Davis

Counselor, BIT Careers
Christa Simmons

Christa Simmons

Counselor, Technical Careers
Career Program Student Handbook 2018-2019