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Anna Aguilar

Marketing Coordinator / PIO

Jerry Aldrich


Reagan Anthony

Database Administration

Mark Arens

South Penn Evening Campus Supervisor - Adjunct

Cole Atkinson

Director, STEM

Betty Avila


Stacey Barnhill

Office Assistant/Records Management

Dustin Bennett

Instructor, Pre-Engineering

Fran Berryhill

Adult Program Coordinator

Gina Bertoletti


Carolyn Bibles

Adjunct Instructor

Alfred Boisson

Bus Driver

Joe Booker

Instructor, Automotive Collision Repair

Scott Breshears

Director, ITS

Darrel Brown

Special Projects Technician

Emily Brown

Instructional Designer

Gayla Brown

District Improvement Coordinator

Courtney Buettner

Customer Service Representative

Teresa Burgess

Director, Projects

Claudia Burton

Professional Assistant

Jacob Burton


James Burton


Mitchell Caban

Central Services Assistant

Bruce Campbell

Director, Finance

Franklin Road Campus

Norman Location

Michael Canfield


Bridgette Cannon

Instructor, Dental Assisting

Denise Canon

Graphic Designer

Jeanette Capshaw

Deputy Superintendent

Robyn Castleberry

Director, BIT

Olga Caulfield

Instructor - Pre-Engineering

Kim Chancellor

Office Assistant

Dustin Chapman


LaDonna Chappell

Business Development Center Assistant

Christine Clark

Office Assistant, Health

Juliane Clark

Program Assistant, Adult Development

Jennifer Clements

Instructor, Pre-Nursing

Jana Cline

Counselor, Health Careers

Crystal Conner

Medical Assisting - Non-Certified Instructor and Practicum Coordinator

Martha Constant

BIS - Evening Campus Supervisor
1 2 3 8 > showing 1 - 40 of 304 constituents