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Activity Fund Forms

Activity Fund is to financially support school activities. 

School activities are defined as co-curricular or extracurricular activities. Co-curricular activities are school-sponsored activities, under the guidance and supervision of school district staff, designated to provide students such experiences as motivation, enjoyment, and improvement skills. These activities normally supplement the regular instructional program. 

Students will utilize theses forms for their activities

  • Activity Fund Receipt Ledger – Fin-046 
  • General Deposit Sheet – Fin-021

Bus & Class Schedules

Bus transportation to-and-from Moore Norman Technology Center for both high school and adult students is provided. Adults should contact the administration office before parking on campus.

Bus transportation to and from Moore Norman Technology Center for both high school and adult students is provided. Buses will run to and from alternative schools as needed. ALL ROUTES AND TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Class & Bus Schedule Rev. Jun 2017

Career Program Student Calendar

Abbreviations used:
MNTC - Moore Norman Technology Center; MPS - Moore Public Schools; NPS - Norman Public Schools; MLK -  Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Counseling Services

MNTC provides student-centered counseling by certified and licensed professional counselors.  Counselors facilitate student development in the academic, career, and personal/social areas through a highly individualized approach.  Services include crisis intervention, community referrals, and individual and group counseling to assist with personal and professional growth.

All information disclosed to counselors is confidential, with the exception of immediate threat or serious or foreseeable harm to self or identified others, suspicion of child abuse or neglect, or court-ordered disclosure.

Click here for more information about MNTC counseling services.

Toll-Free Counseling Helplines:

  • Teenline
    1-800-522-TEEN (helpline available 3 pm to midnight)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    1-800-273-TALK (24-hour hotline)
  • 2-1-1 Community Resource and Referral
    1-800-522-9054 (Reachout hotline- 24-hour assistance with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services)

Jim Hightower

Yumi Davis

Christa Simmons

Directory Information Notice (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law, requires that the technology center, with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your or your minor student’s education records. However, the technology center may disclose appropriately designated “directory information” without written consent, unless you have advised the technology center to the contrary in accordance with technology center procedures. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow the technology center to include this type of information from education records in certain school publications.

Examples include:

  • Recognition lists;
  • Graduation programs; and
  • Press releases.

Two federal laws require local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories – names, addresses and telephone listings – unless parents/guardians have advised the LEA that they do not want their minor student’s information disclosed without their prior written consent. Directory information will not be released to outside organizations for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

If you do not want the technology center to disclose directory information from your or your minor student’s education records without your prior written consent, you must notify the registrar in writing. The following information is designated as “directory information,” and may be disclosed without prior written consent:

  1. The student’s name;
  2. The student’s address;
  3. The student’s telephone listing;
  4. The student’s date and place of birth;
  5. The student’s dates of attendance;
  6. The student’s grade level (i.e., 11th grade, 12th grade, etc.);
  7. The student’s participation in officially recognized activities;
  8. The student’s degrees, honors, and awards received;
  9. The most recent educational agency or institution attended;
  10. The student’s photograph;
  11. The student’s electronic mail address; and
  12. The students career major field of study.

No parent/guardian or eligible student can opt out of the requirement that a student wear his or her ID badge which shows the student’s school ID number.

The parent/guardian or eligible student will have two (2) weeks after the first day of school to advise the school district in writing (a letter to the school Superintendent’s office) of any or all of the items they refuse to permit the district to designate as directory information about the student.

At the end of the two (2) week period, each student’s record will be appropriately marked by the record custodian to indicate the items the district will designate as directory information about the student. This designation will remain in effect until it is modified by the written direction of the student’s parent/guardian or the eligible student.

MNTC Health Library

The library located in the MNTC Health building on the Franklin Road campus is open to all MNTC students until 10 p.m. every Monday through Thursday during the school year. The library provides students with a quiet place to study as well as access to computers with internet connectivity. Visitors are asked to sign in and show their MNTC ID upon arrival. On occasion, the library may close without advanced notice. For more information about the health building library, call (405) 364-5763 ext. 7340.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides academic support in reading, math and language skills to students enrolled in MNTC Career Majors and Short-term Classes.



Student Success Center
Franklin Road Campus
IT Building, Room A108

Mon-Thurs 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(Closed Mon-Fri 12:20 - 1 p.m.)

Health Library
Franklin Road Campus
Health Building, Room H210

Mon-Thurs 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Student Resource Center
South Penn Campus
Room P108

Mon-Thurs 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Computer Labs

  • Internet Access
  • Word Processing
  • ACT/SAT Software*
  • Software for specific academic areas


  • Reading Assistance*
  • Math Assistance*
  • Writing Assistance*
  • English/Language Assistance*
  • English Language Learner's Assistance*
  • Homework Assistance*
  • Study Skills*
  • Communication Skills*
  • Career Resources
  • Video Resources
  • Quiet Study Environment
  • Books/Journals for Checkout

*These resources are available only at the Student Success Center located at Franklin Road Campus (IT Building - Room A108).

Test Preparation

  • ACT*
  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)*

Lucinda Francis

Valorie Rogers

Allen Schneberger

Bonner Slayton

Diane Stansberry

Chuck Smith