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MNTC Food Pantry for Employees

The MNTC Foundation Food Pantry is a free food assistance service offered to current students (Long-Term and Short-Term) and employees. There are no income requirements. How can employees access the pantry? How can they help?


The MNTC Foundation Food Pantry is sponsored by the MNTC Foundation in partnership with the Regional Food Bank. Regular orders are placed with the Regional Food Bank allowing for the efficient monitoring of quality, quantities and expiration dates. Nonperishable items are available and inventory will vary. 

Hours & Location

Hours of Operation: Mon. & Thurs., 11 a.m. -12:30 p.m. and 3 - 4:30 p.m*

*The pantry will not be open when MNTC's Franklin Road Campus is closed for holidays or unexpected closures. Unexpected closures will be posted on

Location: Franklin Road Campus, Health Building, Foundation Services Room

Pantry Access

Individuals can participate by completing the intake application and notice to clients. Once submitted to the office or individual listed on the intake application, individuals may visit the pantry during open hours. 

The forms are kept confidential and do not take long to complete. The information collected is for reporting purposes required by the Regional Food Bank. When accessing the pantry individuals should sign in with the iPad provided each time. 

How can an employee access the food pantry?

The food pantry is available to employees. Please complete an intake application and the notice to client forms. Forms may be turned into Christine Clark or Jennifer Tupper. Once submitted employees can visit during pantry open hours or contact Terri Helvey or Wendy Perry for a mutually agreed upon time. 

How can employees help support the Food Pantry?


There is a sign-up sheet for employees who want to work a shift in the pantry. Contact Jennifer Tupper. Civil Rights Training is required prior to signing up for a shift in the pantry. The course can be found in the Course Overview of your online learning dashboard. Please get supervisor approval prior to assisting in the pantry. 

Item Donations

Donations of plastic shopping bags, can openers and light bulbs are currently being accepted for the MNTC Foundation Food Pantry. These items can be delivered to the Customer Service Representative area at each campus or to Christine Clark in the Health Building.

New items students and employees can donate include: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, personal hygiene. 

Food donations are not accepted due to the partnership with the Regional Food Bank. Clothing items should be delivered to the Back Room Clothing Company in the D Area. 

Please remember this is not a “snack” option, but a food assistance program in which those who have completed the intake application may visit the pantry regularly to get what is needed for their home. Emergency dietary needs can be addressed by contacting Long Term Counselors. 

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be made to the MNTC Foundation or Regional Food Bank. Funds cannot be allocated directly to the MNTC Foundation Food Pantry. 

Other Information

Please do not visit the pantry with a group of students and enter a "Program or Class" in the sign-in field, this does not provide the information we are required to collect for annual reporting to the Regional Food Bank.