We know there are great things happening! Successes, acts of goodwill, etc. The Marketing Communications team wants to share your Good Stuff!

How to share:

From your smartphone, laptop, or desktop, visit:

From here you can share up to 8 photos, and provide a caption, or give us enough info to help us write a caption for a social media post. Remember the 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, why & how. Even if you can only give a few of the Ws, it helps us out.

Share Now is the place to send Marketing info about something you’d like to share on MNTC’s social media channels and we’ll also connect it to our website. You can share:

  • Great things happening with your new distance learning program that maybe you didn’t have a chance to do while in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Share a project or two that students have submitted, and let us know in the comment box who the students are, what the projects were about, and maybe what curriculum portion they focused on.
  • Any student successes, in spite of the unusual circumstances they’re going through?
  • Any personal successes, in spite of the circumstances?  
  • Maybe brag on your at-home office set-up with a pic.
  • Share a unique way that you’ve generated an online learning option for a traditionally in-person class.
  • Has something great happened with a clinical site or a community partner, and we’ve been a part of that success? Share away!

We’d like to share with our community members and online followers about the wonderful things always happening at MNTC and especially now, in spite of the distance with students and with each other. But we won’t know about it unless you share! 

Please upload photos and share through and not directly to any Marketing staff emails. It’s the best way for us to keep items lined-up as they come to us, and it keeps our mailboxes from getting maxed out on size too quickly.

Thank you – we can’t wait to see your Good Stuff!

Anna Aguilar, M.A., APR

Marketing Coordinator