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Adult Enrollment

MNTC operates on a traditional school calendar with sessions starting in August and January. Some career majors may have quarterly openings for students to start sooner, if space is available. Enrollment begins in January for the following Fall semester. We highly recommend applications be submitted for the upcoming Fall semester by February of that year, since many of our classes are highly competitive.

Admission is based on completing all of the following steps:

  • Completing the enrollment procedures by designated deadline
  • Meeting with one of MNTC’s career advisors
  • Answering interview questions
  • Completing a career interest inventory
  • Completing an academic indicator for success (COMPASS test, ACT, or college General Education courses GPA), if needed
  • Presenting a copy of high school transcript, diploma or GED certificate, if needed
  • Applying for financial aid, if needed

Exceptions include Dental Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Medical Assisting, Paramedic, Practical Nursing, and Surgical Technology.  Click here for enrollment deadlines for these classes.

Completion of the application does not constitute admission to Moore Norman Technology Center or placement on a waiting list for a career major that may be full at the time application is made.

  • If a student meets career major criteria requirements, and space is available, the student is notified by letter they have been accepted and enrolled.
  • If a student meets career major criteria requirements, but space is not available, the student is notified by letter that they have been placed on a waiting list and will be contacted by phone when an opening occurs.
  • If a student does not meet career major criteria requirements, a career advisor will contact the student and provide a referral for free tutoring in the Academic Resource Center.


Adult students are responsible for paying tuition prior to the first day of class. If a third party, such as Workforce, Department of Rehabilitation Services, Worker’s Comp or MNTC tuition waiver, is paying a student’s training costs, verification of sponsorship must be presented prior to beginning class. Adult students are responsible for paying for any additional fees, tools and supplies which may be necessary for their class. Tuition is subject to change. 

An in-district student resides within the boundaries of the MNTC district, which includes both the Moore and Norman public school districts. An in-district adult student pays a lower rate of tuition than out-of-district students. There is no mandatory waiting period to be considered a resident. Review the District Map to determine if you reside in-district or out-of-district.

Recent high school graduates may qualify for the MNTC Tuition Waiver which would enable them to attend MNTC on a partial tuition waiver.  For more information on the MNTC Tuition Waiver, click here.

1098-T Tuition: MNTC’s Bursar office is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to issue the form 1098-T to any student that provides a social security number to the school and is enrolled during the current calendar tax year period.

The form 1098-T will report payments made during the current tax year.  The form also documents if you were enrolled at least half-time during any semester and if you have graduated. To ensure timely delivery, please make sure to update your address, when appropriate.

MNTC CANNOT determine whether tax credit is available to students who pay higher education cost through the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Please consult your tax advisor or the IRS (search on Tax Benefits for Higher Education) for more information.

For more information: please consult your tax adviser, or contact the IRS at: 1-800-829-1040

IRS Help with Tax Questions Telephone: 1-800-829-1040
Local IRS Contacts: IRS Link
Telephone: 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676)

Or select one of the following links:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
IRS Notice 97-60: Lifetime Learning Credit
IRS Form 8863: Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits)

For questions and assistance on enrolling, you may contact Moore Norman Technology Center at 405.364.5763 ext. 7260.

If the above steps are not completed within 90 days, the student will be required to begin the application process from the beginning.

For more info
(405) 364-5763 ext. 7260 |