Who Can Enroll

High School Students

Pre-Engineering provides students who are interested in an engineering career with a clear outlook of what it takes to be a mechanical, electrical, civil, software or aerospace engineer. Students are taught Project Lead The Way (PLTW) curriculum, and learn to think and work like engineers through their work with hands-on projects. Learn and use the latest industry software and hardware for projects and presentations. Build a working robot used for the FIRST Robotics competition.

Career Paths
  • Pre-Engineering
Education Path

Associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering, or other related field

Student Organizations

FIRST Robotics

Technology Student Association (TSA)

  • Successful completion of Algebra I with a grade of "B" or higher (for 8th grade students enrolling as Freshmen)
  • Concurrent or completion of Algebra II (for students beginning as Sophomores or later)
  • Previous completion or concurrent enrollment required for courses in this program