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The aerospace industry is calling Oklahoma home.

Aerospace Training Center

MNTC Aerospace Training Center

Training to propel the aerospace industry in Oklahoma.

We're excited about the opportunity to provide high-demand aerospace training for the local community. Together we will help grow the local economy and build better tomorrows for students.

— MNTC Superintendent Brian Ruttman

Aerospace education to meet Oklahoma's demand.

Oklahoma State Senator Paul Rosino

Our five-year aerospace education flight plan is designed to meet the needs of commercial, military, and private aerospace companies in Cleveland County and beyond!

Educational Programs

Future aviation course offerings listed by short-term and long-term, and by order of development:

Short-term Offerings

Long-term Offerings


The dream takes flight.

25 Acres of Land Purchased

Location & Details

Target Opening Date: 2026

Approximately 25 acres of land was purchased and self-funded by MNTC on July 30, 2020. The property is located on 24th Ave NW, just south of Corporate Center Drive. Breaking ground on the facility is dependent on a lot of factors, but the hope is to get things moving within the next five years. 


Initial Concepts: Aerospace Training Center

Aerospace Rendering
Aerospace Rendering
Aerospace Outside Rendering
Aerospace Rendering

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