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Cybersecurity Professionals

Adults & High School Juniors and Seniors

You will discover how to identify cyberattacks, and how to coordinate and implement security measures for networked-computer systems. Start with intro to basic security principles for networks and operating systems, then move to the basics of repair, maintenance, and installation of computer hardware, software, and operating systems, including basic networking skills. Master the skills required for certifications offered by CompTIA, to include Security+ and TestOut Security Pro.

Program Highlights
  • Protect computers and networks through the configuration of powerful software security programs
  • Investigate and eliminate security threats to networks, hardware, software, and email in the world of cybersecurity
  • Perform advanced technological procedures in the areas of intrusion detection, filtering malicious content, and disaster recovery
Career Focus
Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education
Certifications   |   Internships/Career Coaching   |   National Competitions

Program Details

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