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Digital Cinema and TV Production

Two digital video production students
Adults & High School Juniors and Seniors

Video production technicians are employed by a variety of organizations that have production departments responsible for creating videos in-house. Get hands-on experience with digital video production equipment 
to learn all aspects of studio and field production, including: directing, audio, lighting, graphics, videography, editing, color grading, and sound editing. Class participation includes working on short films for the annual MNTC Red Carpet Film Festival.

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MNTC Red Carpet Film Festival

Red Carpet Film Festival 2021

The Red Carpet Film Festival is an annual film and graphic design event in Norman, Oklahoma organized by MNTC's Digital Cinema and Television Production and Graphic Design classes. The Red Carpet Film Festival was created to provide a way for students to experience deeper learning while working on extensive, industry-level projects in a collaborative environment. Students from both programs are empowered to create complex projects that they see through from concept to distribution. Learn More about RCFF

Digital Cinema and TV Production