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Red Carpet Film Festival

Red Cartpet Film Festival Save The Date
Movie Poster-Locked In 2024
Movie Poster-Mr. Misfortune 2024
Movie Poster-La Estrella Mas Brillante 2024
Movie Poster-Bite Me 2024
Movie poster-Rerun 2024
Movie Poster-Dodger 2024
Movie Poster-The Director's Cut 2024
Movie Poster-With You 2024

About RCFF: A fully-realized film process for Oklahoma film & art students

The Red Carpet Film Festival is an annual film and graphic design event in Norman, Oklahoma organized by MNTC's Digital Cinema & TV Production and Graphic Design classes. The Red Carpet Film Festival was created in 2008 to provide a way for students to experience deeper learning while working on extensive, industry-level projects in a collaborative environment. Students from both programs are empowered to create complex projects that they see through from concept to distribution. 

2024 Red Carpet Film Festival

Moore Norman Technology Center's Digital Cinema & TV Production and Graphic Design programs have scheduled the Annual Red Carpet Film Festival for Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Tickets will be available for purchase starting April 30.

The Winchester Drive-In located in south Oklahoma City is the venue where all the movies are shown. Though all movies are intended for a wide audience, the genres represented included documentary, comedy, drama and many more. There is an emphasis on making all movies family friendly!

Since 2008, MNTC's Digital Cinema & TV Production and Graphic Design programs have collaborated to produce a fully-realized short-film event called the Red Carpet Film Festival. Countless hours of research, planning, "pitch day," design, production, and more go into the production of student films. Join us in an evening to celebrate our talented students.


Movie Poster-Locked In 2024

Locked In

Ellie’s Dad has kept the family stuck in the house to protect them from an infection that destroyed the outside world. However, when her mom suddenly falls ill, Ellie begins to question her dad and the true nature of the infection.

Directer: Parker Finks
Unit Production Manager: Ignacio Martinez
Director of Photography: Ryan Clegg
Starring: Addison Hambright, Clint Hankinson, Renee Krapff

Poster: Hailey Eldred 

Movie Poster-The Director's Cut 2024

The Director's Cut

When a self-destructive, obsessive director meets an easygoing, stress-free actress, it makes him re- evaluate his film and his outlook on life.

Director: Jaxson Hall
Unit Production Manager: Owen Nooner Director of Photography: Josh Schoenborn Starring: Joseph Rosa, Savannah Fuller

Poster: Yatori Bey 

Movie Poster-With You 2024

With You

Evelyn, a young author, loves spending time with her main character, Lucas, whom she has become extremely close to. But as the demons of her past haunt her, she finds herself falling for him, and must choose between getting caught up in a fantasy or letting him go.

Director: Sofia Ramos Ramos
Unit Production Manager: David Lopez Director of Photography: Asher Jantz Starring: Chiara Miller, Daven Joseph

Poster: Araba Mensah

Movie Poster-Bite Me 2024

Bite Me

Roy is alone in this world except for the undead he spends his days with until Lana, a lonely survivor, questions his way of life and pushes him out of his comfort zone.

Directed by Boston Buchner
Unit Production Manager: M. Audrey Noble Director of Photography: Jack Baldwin Starring: Cole Barnum, Chiara Miller

Poster: Daisy Riley

Movie Poster-Dodger 2024


John, an 18-year-old draft dodger, travels through El Paso to evade the oncoming draft when suddenly he’s forced to make a stop at a supernatural gas station. John gets advice from Tom about being his own man.

Director: Landon Bryant
Unit Production Manager: Nathan Aryeequaye

Director of Photography: Jesse Raines Starring: Jack Baldwin, Dwayne Chamberlain

Poster: Ronnie Climer 


Movie Poster-La Estrella Mas Brillante 2024

La Estrella Más Brillante

A 10-year-old immigrant from Oaxaca learns to embrace her culture and herself after facing racism and bullying.

Director: Karla Vasquez Ramirez
Unit Production Manager: Jaxson Hall
Director of Photography: Levi Wilkerson
Starring: Lluvia Salgado, Martin Saenz, Catalina Beltrán-Dominguez

Poster: Noemi Garcia

Movie poster-Rerun 2024


A sitcom character knows she’s repeating the same scene over and over again and tries to escape with constant intervention from a mysterious director. Maya realizes the only way to end the torment is to take the director’s power for herself.

Director: Danielle Green
Unit Production Manager: Carlos Carrillo, Jr. Director of Photography: Peyton Seybolt Starring: Shelby Davis, Joseph Rosa

Poster: Rhylie Anderson 

Movie Poster-Mr. Misfortune 2024

Mr. Misfortune

Perpetually unlucky Oscar resorts to using a cheap exorcism service. These two grifters are about to find out how nasty bad luck can really be when their ritual angers the entity that possesses Oscar.

Director: Jackson Johns
Unit Production Manager: Levi Wilkerson
Director of Photography: Owen Nooner
Starring: Chris Graham, Mike Dillon, Clay Van Meter

Poster: Madilynn Morris

Archived Showcase Movie Posters

Below are the movie posters from previous years' films. Keep updated with our Red Carpet Film Festival Facebook page and Instagram @redcarpetfilm

Our students follow the production process in real way. With the Red Carpet Film Festival, we create a capstone experience for our students that goes beyond any normal classroom assignment. -Instructor Amy Smith

Two innovative career programs, one magnificent film & art collaboration.

MNTC Digital Cinema & TV Production Program

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A history of excellence and film & art success.

2021 Showcase


2020 Showcase

Dark Places – Poster designed by Kayla Grover/ Adult Student
Fate – Poster designed by Evan Perez  / Southmoore High School Senior
Hollow_Reality – Poster designed by Allison Rogers / Adult Student
In the Spotlight – Poster designed by Taylor Turnbow / Adult Student
Isolation – Poster designed by Cory Salazar / Adult Student
Rakhi – Poster designed by Jillian Cooper / Southmoore High School Senior
The Garlic – Poster designed by Elizaveta Maslovskaya / Norman High School Senior
The Visitor – Designed by: Marley Glidewell / Moore High School Senior

2019 Showcase

Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 movie poster:
Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 movie poster:
Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 movie poster: Plight
Red Carpet Film Festival 2019 movie poster: The Final Thrill

2018 Showcase

Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster
Red Carpet Film Festival 2018 movie poster

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