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Surgical Technology

Adults Only

Surgical Technologists function as a member of the sterile surgical team in the scrub role, and are responsible for establishing and maintaining the sterile field throughout the entire surgery. You will train to handle the instrumentation, supplies, and equipment necessary for all surgical procedures, and will have an understanding of each of the procedures being performed in order to anticipate the needs of the surgeon. The learning program includes development of knowledge, ethics, personal behavior, and skill sets to become highly detailed and to work under great pressure. You will conduct clinical rotations at many OKC metro hospitals and surgery centers as you prepare to sit for a national certification for surgical technology at the end of the program.

Program Highlights
  • Provide quality patient care before, during, and after surgery as a critical part of the surgical team
  • Experience all aspects of the operating room including robotics, managing a sterile environment, and anticipating the needs of the surgeon
  • Develop a professional working relationship with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses
Career Focus
Prepared for national certification, immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education
Certifications  |  Clinicals/Career Coaching |  Work-based Experiences

Program Details

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Steps to Apply

  1. Apply Online
  2. Follow instructions in application confirmation email.
  3. Review Application Booklet
  4. Review Information Session Presentation
Completion of the application does not constitute admission to Moore Norman Technology Center. All applicants will receive written notification once the status of their application has been determined.


  • Online applications must be submitted by April 15, 2022. 
  • All items on the requirement checklist must be submitted no later than noon, May 20, 2022.
Application Booklet
PDF of Surgical Technology Application Booklet

The application period is Jan. 18 to May 20 at noon. Online applications must be submitted by April 15. 

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