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MNTC Bond Project Updates

Thanks to the generous support of the voters in Moore, Norman and SOKC, who approved a $60 million bond for MNTC, we are embarking on a series of building projects over the next several years. Each project is designed to improve the learning experience for our students and increase our capacity to serve our community. We will post project information here as progress is made and hope you will check back often for the latest information. 

MNTC Bond Project Updates - September 2016

August 2016: SSC Moves

8/23/16 update from Student Success Center Coordinator Allen Schneberger:

I just wanted to let you know that the Student Success Center is on the move.  A real move. We are changing our location do to the big dig( tear down actually).  The  new Student Success Center is located in the IT building room A108… to Graphic Design.  Currently Diane and I have made the move.  Allen’s new phone extension is 4152 and Diane’s is 4151 In case you need to reach us.

Bonner and Lucinda will be moving soon as well and will be located in the IT building room A203 next to Web Design.  Until then they are still at our old location.  I will let you know as soon as they are settled in their new home.

Chuck ( AKA Math guru!) has been relocated and has his very own digs( classroom)  in C118  next to CADD( AKA guitar man).  Chucks extension is still 7367. 

Thanks for your patience with us during this move.  Please don’t hesitate to call with any needs.  

July 2016 Update by Facilities Director Jerry McConnell

August 2016: Parking Update

Due to the upcoming MNTC construction project and the increase of construction vehicles and materials, we are asking all MNTC staff and students to park their vehicles in parking lots E, C, B,  A, Health or BIT. For safety, please do not park behind the main building near the bus bar, Technical Trades or Carpentry building. If you have any questions or concerns,  please feel free to contact Jerry McConnell.

Ongoing: Bond Project Images

July 2016: Important Message from Information and Enrollment

Effective Monday July 11, all IEC employees will have new locations. You may experience a slower response time during our transition on July 11. We are hope to be settled in real quick and not miss a beat! All IEC customers should check in at A115. This means ALL customers who want to see  a Career Advisor, Financial Aid or enroll should be directed to A115. The Customer Services Representative will assist them and direct the customer to correct location.