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Cyclone Production Tools Offer New Technology to Oil and Gas Industry

Imagine what it would be like to sit on a gold-rich mine, yours for the taking, but having no idea what type equipment to use to access it? This is precisely the situation that David Lewis, Product Development and Marketing Director of Cyclone Production Tools, aimed to solve when he moved back to his native Oklahoma to join Larry Perry, President and CEO of Cyclone, in 2008.

The company's unique down-hole production tools have the capacity to maximize recovery from marginal gas wells by facilitating a deliquification process within. Currently, Cyclone is exploring the effectiveness of a new hydraulic pump for use on marginal gas wells, which can be an alternative to the traditional rod-pumping systems currently in use. Deep in-the-heart of oil country, Cyclone's innovative and economic tools have the potential to revitalize and transform the landscape of the oil and gas industry.

According to their website, they offer a method of artificial lift for low-pressure, high volume gas wells, providing a complete lift system with no moving parts, which allows for continuous operation. With this new efficiency, there is a reduced need for swab units and rods pumps, immediately resulting in lower operating expenses.

Combined, Lewis and Perry have more than 70 years of experience in oil and gas, which has enabled them to design a full line of simple and energy efficient artificial lift tools that can meet the demands of operators large and small. They did experience one small setback: Although Lewis and Perry had the technology and industry expertise, they lacked the business development and growth savvy to get their venture off of the ground.

Lewis said, "In large companies there is a network of people to go to that take care of specific business services and entities, but when I started out with Cyclone, it was just the two of us and we were unsure where to start."

Fortunately, the Oklahoma Small Business Development Corporation recommended Moore Norman Technology Center's Business Development Center and their on-staff business experts. The BDC staff use their comprehensive knowledge, background and connections to train and educate business clients on the necessities of running successful companies. 

Cyclone Production Tools' company office is now housed inside the BDC, which is located at MNTC's South Penn Campus on SW 134th and Penn Ave. Lewis openly shares his awe and gratitude for the benefits, guidance and business support he has received from partnering with MNTC.

"Since joining the BDC not too long ago, we've already learned so much about business planning, legal counseling, branding, and other elements we need to run our business successfully," Lewis says.

Commenting on the business support system available to them, Lewis said, "Having the personal attention, open lines of communication and knowledgeable resources all in one location are what give the BDC the excellent reputation it has for helping its clients lay the groundwork for corporate success."

The BDC is home to not only Cyclone Production Tools, but other small businesses looking for guidance in areas like business planning, legal and employee management, and marketing strategy.

Over the next five years, Lewis and Perry plan to expand their business and become profitable to the point where they can perform their own product manufacturing.  

"One of the great features that attracted us to the BDC was the fantastic tax incentive," Lewis said. "Businesses who have an office in the BDC are exempt from state income tax for up to ten years."

Lewis added that they've received individual business assistance and have already made progress in the few months they've been a part of the BDC, and like many entrepreneurs who settle in Oklahoma, he added, "We didn't choose Oklahoma - it chose us. But we're now positioned well in-the-heart of the market we need to be in."

For more information about Cyclone Production Tools or to see a demonstration of their innovative products, visit or call 281-384-5867 or 405-809-3517. For information about MNTC's Business Development Center, or to learn how to become a client, visit or call 405-809-3517.