MNTC Federation of Teachers Awards Scholarships

Dec. 2, 2016 – Moore Norman Technology Center’s Federation of Teachers Union #4890 awarded three student scholarships totaling $1,050 to current MNTC students this week. The students are enrolled in full-time programs and the scholarship money may be used for tuition, books and personal needs that would otherwise hinder their ability to complete their classes.

Over the past six years, MNFT #4890 has given 24 scholarships worth more than $8,000 to its student’s in-need. The 42-member MNFT #4890 union members pay for the scholarships and a scholarship committee selects the recipients.

“We believe that it is important to give as much as possible toward our students’ success. These scholarships show our commitment and dedication to helping all students succeed at MNTC,” said MNTC Database Administration Instructor and President of MNFT LOCAL #4890 Sandy Kelso.

The scholarship recipients for 2016-2017 are: Destiny Pierman, Nurse Aide, Ian Palmerton, Automotive Service Technology and Amanda Wagoner, Database Administration. 

MNTC instructors and counselors are members of the scholarship selection committee. They are: Yumi Davis, Jim Hightower, Barron Winters, Olga Caulfield, Christa Simmons, Joshua Younger and Angelia Goss.

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