MNTC Partners with OKC SCORE to Help Small Businesses Succeed

Moore Norman Technology Center's Business Development Center has partnered with Oklahoma City SCORE that will extend their resources to business owners in the southern portion of the metro area to include the communities of south Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman and beyond. The BDC has offered office space when needed and also meeting space at the South Penn Campus to hold workshops.  

Oklahoma City SCORE is offering a variety of workshops at Moore Norman Technology Center's South Penn Campus through the end of the year.

BDC Coordinator Eddie Peck said, "The BDC and SCORE have the same goal in mind: helping small business in central Oklahoma succeed. SCORE’s experienced advisors are able to help people who want to go into business by walking them through the steps to make informed decisions and know whether their business has the potential to succeed and become sustainable.

"It helps us to have SCORE’s physical presence in the BDC building, along with the SCORE client having a general understanding of what an incubation program is. No one is able to guarantee any business success but with the collaboration between the BDC and SCORE we can provide potential business owners with the knowledge as to whether they should pursue their business dream or not."

Peck said another way they are collaborating to meet the needs of local business owners is to provide workshops with both day and evening options. Oklahoma City SCORE Workshops Chair Jay Holmes said workshop attendees touch on issues that business owners face and learn what is needed to start a new business. They’ll also explore answers to questions such as why start a business and learn truths concerning some myths of owning a business such as owning a business being easier than working for someone else. 

Other session topics include:

  • What is the need for your product or service for customers.  
  • Legal structures, and how to protect yourself.  
  • Critical accounting actions to keep your business open, balance sheets, P&L’s and cash flow.  
  • Employing the right people.
  • How to finance your business, and where to locate financing options.  
  • Marketing, sales and ways to promote your business.  
  • Developing a business plan as a roadmap, and presentations when approaching lenders.

“We hope those who attend this workshop realize there is a definitive process for creating a new business, and that it takes hard work and dedication,” Holmes said. “They will see that attention to details and processes are the only way to succeed and they will leave with a renewed sense of commitment to do the work, make the effort and complete the tasks that will make their business a success.”  

Oklahoma City SCORE has been a partner in education and small business development with Oklahoma’s CareerTech system for decades. 

Holmes said Oklahoma City SCORE is a way by which workshop attendees can connect with resources and networks that can assist them and give guidance and support as they build their business.  

“SCORE’s primary activity is individual mentoring to help a new business get off the ground,” said Holmes. “We are a group of volunteers who have ‘been there’ and we know what it takes to be successful and can share that knowledge.” 

To learn more about Oklahoma City’s SCORE or to enroll in a workshop visit:

For information about MNTC’s Business Development Center visit or call 364-5763, ext. 3517.