Norman Kiwanis & Moore Rotary Clubs Honor October Students of the Month

Oct. 13, 2017 – Two Moore Norman Technology Center students have been named the Norman Kiwanis Club and the Moore Rotary Club Students of the Month for October.

Norman North High School senior Emalyn O’Dell is the Moore Rotary Club selection. She is enrolled in a second year of MNTC training through the Pre-Nursing program. She has played violin with the NNHS philharmonic orchestra throughout high school and has been a member of the Latin, Art and TRUST Clubs. She also volunteers regularly with the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank and with Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, including traveling for mission trips to Alabama and Florida. 

She took Nurse Aide during her junior year and earned certifications in CPR and First Aid, Home Health Aide (HHA), Long Term Care, Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and did additional training for certification as a Medication Administration Technician (MAT).  She is also an active member of the student organization Health Occupations Students of America.

“I knew during our sophomore Tech Tours that I wanted to be in Pre-Nursing, but it’s for seniors and adults, so until that time, I figured that I would enroll in Nurse Aide and because of that choice, I earned lots of medical-related certifications. It’s a great start for me and it’s all just stepping-stones that move me closer to what I want to do for a career,” said O’Dell.

O’Dell wants to become a registered nurse and wants to attend the University of Oklahoma. Afterward, she hopes to continue her education to become an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). She said she feels confident no matter what path she takes because the rigor of her training and direct patient care experience while in her MNTC programs have prepared her for college and after.

“The work is harder and test are more difficult. The responsibility level is also higher in my program at Moore Norman because I have people’s lives in my care. Something as simple as how I wash my hands makes a difference in other’s lives.

“Everything I’ve learned and all of my certifications will help me when it’s time to submit applications to the various colleges and schools that I hope to attend; not many applicants will have this type of experience or certifications right out of high school. It’s an amazing advantage,” O’Dell said. 

Accounting student Jaclyn Montgomery is the Norman Kiwanis Club selection. She serves as the treasurer for the afternoon chapter of the Business Professionals of America student organization and is considering entering in the BPA skills competitions this spring. She started the program in August and by the time she graduates in May she will have her online resume and portfolio of work listed through MNTC’s Career Connection. This free website allows her, and all MNTC students and graduates, to search metro jobs and also allows employers to review their qualifications and connect when they see a good match.

She is working toward certifications in Microsoft Word and Excel and also seeks a certification in the accounting software, Quickbooks, by graduation. She is also looking ahead to earning an accounts payable and an accounts receivable certification this year.

“I’ve always been good with math; it’s easy for me. I’ve even worked on a degree in accounting, but I needed a way to start my career faster and Moore Norman provided me with that option,” said Montgomery.

MNTC’s Accounting program is open to high school juniors, seniors and adult students. Full-time adults can finish their education and training in nine months.

Montgomery served in the U.S. Army for four years, has two children and works during football games at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma. She is also performing an internship with the Cleveland County Health Department through MNTC.

Accounting Instructor Leslie Pfrehm said, “Jaclyn is extremely determined to be successful in all areas of her life. She is able to carefully balance single parenthood and being involved with her kids while attending MNTC full time and participating in her internship. It's not an easy task to fit everything in. It is a struggle and it takes sacrifices but she is doing it and I know she will be successful.”

Montgomery said, “I encourage friends and adults looking for a career path to consider MNTC. The time it takes to finish school and start work is short. If you’re determined to finish and start a career and you’re willing to work, you can do it. I am.”

To learn about MNTC’s Pre-Nursing or Accounting programs visit here or call 405-364-5763, ext. 7260. To learn about MNTC’s Career Connection, or to sign-up for a free account, visit

by Anna Aguilar, APR