Wilson and Rowell Honored as December Students of the Month

Dec. 8, 2017 – Two Moore Norman Technology Center students have been named the Norman Kiwanis Club and the Moore Rotary Club Students of the Month for November.

Moore High School senior Joi Wilson is the Moore Rotary Club selection. She is in the Pre-Nursing program and completed the Nurse Aide program last school year. She is a member of the Health Occupations Students of America organization and served as secretary last year. She is certified in First Aid and as a Home Health Aide (HHA) and Long Term Care Nurse Aide (LTC).

“I’ve known for some time that I want to work in the nursing field and Moore Norman gives me the chance to experience patient care now, while I’m still in high school. I have patients’ lives in my hands and I know this is what I’m going to do for a career,” said Wilson.

She performed at clinical sites last year at Medical Park West where she did direct patient care by bathing, feeding, bed-making and more. She said students learn quickly whether they are right for the nursing field through the hands-on opportunities. It’s also how she knew to continue on this year to work toward an Advanced Unlicensed Assistant certification through the Pre-Nursing program.

“I remember being nervous when I first started these programs but the work and skills tests have given me the chance to build my confidence. Also, my instructors teach in a way that we can understand everything and they show us how to do the skills,” Wilson said.

After May graduation, Wilson wants to continue her medical training and hopes to take MNTC’s Practical Nurse program using the MNTC Tuition Waiver. This waiver pays tuition for high school graduates living in MNTC’s district if they begin a program before their 21st birthday. Afterward, she plans to fast track into an registered nursing program at a metro university or college as some institutions honor the LPN license and training toward their RN degree programs.

Cosmetology student Elizabeth Rowell is the Norman Kiwanis Club selection. She began the program in August of 2016 and graduates next week. She has been a member of the SkillsUSA student organization and participated in skills contest during the spring semester where she qualified for state competition in the esthetician category. She utilized the MNTC Tuition Waiver after high school graduation from Moore High School.

“I love the beauty industry. For the past seven years I stay up watching makeup videos on YouTube trying to perfect my work. I also want to take care of my daughter and this is a great way to do that,” Rowell said.

She studied and trained to take the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology license exam that covers certification to do hair, nails and skills as an esthetician.

“I’ll have so many more options with all the certifications rather than if I only focused on hair; I’m excited to get started,” said Rowell.

She said she has grown as a professional and gained a new confidence about herself and her ability to continue learning and training during her time in class. She tries to go to cosmetology shows in Dallas each year for more training and to get sneak peeks of new trends in hair and makeup.

“I used to be shy and timid but after taking this class I really feel that I’ve grown into my best self. I’m confident while working on clients and I even teach other students things that I’ve learned,” Rowell said.

Rowell has also proven to herself that she is self-motivated and can persevere through tremendous stress. She is a single mother and was recently displaced; yet, she continues to attend class to finish her career and training program.

She plans to take the license exam soon after graduation and hopes to move to Florida to be with family. Her dream is to do hair and makeup for Disney World princesses. She said she will likely need to become licensed in Florida, as well, but remains sure she will pass their exam.

“Even though I have been through a lot these past couple of months, I remain positive and stay true to my goals. I will finish and I will graduate. Things are going to be great,” Rowell said.

To learn about Pre-Nursing which is available for high school seniors and adults or the Cosmetology program visit here or call 405-364-5763, ext. 7260.