Progress Report To Taxpayers

As a taxpayer in Moore Norman Technology Center’s district, you have the right to know how your tax dollars are being spent. Our annual Progress Report to Taxpayers provides financial facts about how MNTC receives funding, and how those dollars are allocated and invested back into the community through full-time and part-time classes, and support, training and education for business and industry.

Statistics are important measures of effectiveness, and so are the voices of the customers MNTC serves each year. Success stories are highlighted in our report, to demonstrate the economic development impact your technology center has on the communities of Moore, Norman and south Oklahoma City.

In order for MNTC to fulfill its mission, vision and goals, input from you, the taxpayer, is vital. You’re always invited to come by the campus and see for yourself how your money is being used. 

Look inside – see how we do it. It’s Your Sound Investment – Our Financial Return