Become a BDC Client

The BDC staff walks business owners through the process of becoming a client. We are interested in the startup potential of your business as well as the long-term growth and continued development of your business idea.


Business Plan

Do you have a written roadmap defining a path from the starting point, and a timeline for growth and development? If not, we can help.


Are you willing to conduct business in an open, collaborative, and cooperative fashion, to include meeting the coaching and consulting requirements of the BDC?

Entrepreneurial Capability

Do you have adequate technical, educational or workplace experience that aligns with your business model?

Initial Capitalization

Does the company have adequate capital to cover six (6) months of initial operating expenses?

Potential for Growth

Your business should have the potential to create a significant number of jobs.

Viable Produce or Service

The business product or service should be marketable and realistic, and you should have plans to operate as a full-time business. Entrepreneurs should be at the incubator regularly working on the business.

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