Commercial Transportation Training

CDL Training

High-quality commercial driver & CDL training for your employees.

Test Prep

CDL Permit Test Prep

This 24-hour course will cover general knowledge, test-taking strategies, and endorsements for testing. MNTC will provide a sample test, but the student must schedule official exams through the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

CDL Skills Training

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This 32 class hour course covers pre-trip inspections, general safety, hazardous materials, endorsements, inclement weather, defensive driving, and more.

Participants will practice actual driving skills in their own vehicles, and spend in-depth time on the pre-trip inspection component. The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety administers CDL tests, credentials, and endorsements. Students must schedule their own testing. 

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School Bus Driver Training

This course is a total of 24 class hours—19 class hours for classroom demonstration and five hours of actual driving instruction. The purpose of this course is to prepare new hires for the CDL driving test and the Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) business driver certification.

This course emphasizes safety. Some of the topics covered include walk-around inspection, bus driver checklists, passenger load/offload, railroad crossings, emergency evacuations, drug testing requirements, sound driving practices, and preparation for the SDE School Bus Drive Certificate. 

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Courses to Help Reduce Turnover & Operations Costs

Pre-Hire Aptitude

Using MNTC's state-of-the-art driving simulator, we'll spend 1-2 hours with each applicant in scenario-based assessments to measure safety knowledge, spatial awareness, fuel usage, shifting (manual), and problem-solving.

While we don't make recommendations, you'll have results to inform your hiring!

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Fuel Management

CDL Training

Using MNTC's Virage simulator, your crew members can practice driving skills to reduce fuel consumption. This is applicable to busses, waste management vehicles, and trucks. Proper fuel management typically results in a 40% improvement.

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Customized Training for Businesses Available

We'll help you develop a customized commercial driver or CDL course plan for your employees. Connect with MNTC's Workforce & Economic Development team to get started!

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