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Retail Industry Training

Rise UP Retail Worker

Become RISE Up™ Certified

The time is now to invest in developing yourself and your employees to deliver exceptional customer service associated with your business. RISE Up training and credentials help you build and refresh foundational skills that are needed to secure critical jobs in the retail industry. The skill set you gain is transferable to many other customer service jobs.

Enhance the essential skills used in retail service and sales.

Retail Industry Fundamentals Course - Online

Course Description
Soon businesses will be ready to build up their workforce. Be prepared to present yourself as a top candidate by earning a certification now. In the Retail Industry Fundamentals course, learners gain workplace readiness and customer service skills that are transferable within any industry. This course is perfect for someone looking for a first job and/or developing workplace readiness skills for a competitive market.

Complete this self-paced, online course in one day!

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Learning Concepts

  • Overview of Retail: Understanding the industry, the retail product cycle
  • Customer Service and Sales: Service and sales basics
  • Retail Operations: Operations basics, loss prevention, calculating profit margin
  • Workplace Readiness: Being professional, effective interviewing
NRF Foundation - Retail Industry Fundamentals

Redefine your customer service strategy.

These courses are designed to benefit anyone interested in working in or operating a retail/service based business. The emphasis on customer service in each course helps you understand consumer purchasing behavior and the impact of providing exceptional customer service to your bottom line.

Retail Industry Overview

An overview of retail, the retail industry, the scope of its influence on our economy, and a foundation on which to begin building important customer service and selling skills. 

Retail Service and Sales Strategies

You have made a connection with the customer, started a conversation to identify their needs using product and service knowledge, now exceed their expectations when completing the sale. It is time to become an influencer! 

Know Before You Sell

Product knowledge is critical for retail employees to have in order to provide quality customer service. This course shares successful strategies used to increase product knowledge. 

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Elevate your service skills by understanding customer interaction nuances and successful strategies for increasing customer loyalty. This course is designed to help you perform your best and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Customized Training for Businesses Available

Create the customer service plan for you want your employees to deliver. Take time to invest in the first point of contact your customers and clients have when they do business with you! Connect with the MNTC Workforce and Economic Development Team to get started.