Grow Your Business Summit

Moore Norman Technology Center presents its second annual Grow Your Business Summit focusing on business growth from start-up to mature. Attendees will gather valuable resources, attend a variety of breakout sessions, connect with key influencers, learn from industry experts, hear keynote speakers, and network. | SB426

This event has concluded. 

MNTC's Gina Bertoletti Radio Interview with KREF

Listen to MNTC's Gina Bertoletti talk with KREF SportsTalk's Toby Rowland about the 2019 Grow Your Business Summit!

Breakout Sessions & Presenters

Keynote Address

Getting into the Weeds: Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

Presenter: Ellen Adams, GableGotwals Counsel

Oklahoma employers are now deciphering what legalization of Medical Marijuana means for the workplace. Employers want to know how best to ensure the health and safety of all employees in the workplace while complying with applicable federal law, federal regulations, and Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Act.  Join GableGotwals employment attorney Ellen Adams to discuss the intersection of state and federal laws, Oklahoma Health Department’s regulations, protections under the Act affecting the workplace, drug testing and maintaining a drug-free workplace; and what actions employers should take right now.

Storytime: What Story Do Your Financials Tell?

Lauren Kelso

Understanding your financial statements is key to understanding the performance of your business. During this session, we will give insight on how to interpret the story of your financial statements and how understanding that story is key to your business reaching its fullest potential. We will cover the basic statements – balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and statement of cash flows – as well as key ratios and line items to watch.

Navigating HR Perils


Navigating your way through the employment maze is challenging.  In this session, we will look at some of the HR perils that require an employer’s attention.  We will begin by looking at the hiring process and work our way through wage administration, performance management, workplace management, and employee termination.  Along the way, we will identify dos and don’ts and make suggestions for ways businesses can stay in compliance while managing their workforce.

Navigate Conflict with Confidence

Deborah Davis

Successful organizations and people learn to struggle through conflict together and create a culture of trust, collaboration, and consistency. Learn four skills to help you create positive outcomes from conflict. 

True Digital Security

Tim Marley, Risk Advisory Services Director, True Digital Security

We live in a world of change. Emerging threats, new vulnerabilities, evolving regulatory requirements, and changing IT infrastructure create a dynamic security landscape. In this presentation, you will learn how taking a risk-based approach to thoughtfully prioritizing security activities will continually advance the maturity and success of your security program while staying in alignment with your business needs.

Get Organized, Stress Less

MNTC Employee Krista Scammahorn

Its productivity with purpose, or in other words-getting more of the right stuff done. Using the book Getting Things Done by David Allen along with her expertise, Krista will share tips on:

  • How to increase focus on the most meaningful work.
  • Organize information.
  • Prioritize commitments.
  • Create mental space for innovation.
  • Achieve stress-free productivity.

2019 Grow Your Business Summit

GYBS 2019
GYBS 2019
GYBS 2019
GYBS 2019
Presenter at GYBS 2019
Ida Fryhover and Jared Williams
Attendees at the GYBS

2018 Grow Your Business Summit

Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018
Grow Your Business Summit 2018

Expert Presenters

Ellen Adams, GableGotwals Counsel
Marilyn Conyer, President and COO, Spirit HR
Deborah Davis, CEO, Quest Executive Services
Aaron Jaqua, CPA Senior Manager, Eide Bailly
Lauren Kelso, CPA Senior Manager, Eide Bailly
Tim Marley, Risk Advisory Services Director, True Digital Security
Korey McMahon, President, McMahon Marketing
Krista Scammahorn, Business Development Coordinator, MNTC

This event is perfect for active or future small business chamber members and entrepreneurs in the Oklahoma City Metro.

- Gina Bertoletti, MNTC